I first discovered storytelling in broadcast radio and had roles in production & presentation which lead me to pursue a Bachelor of Media at the University of Adelaide. Discovering the world of post-production I began working as a Machine Room Technician, developing my knowledge of camera formats, data pipelines and offline-online workflows. Working up the ranks from Editorial Assistant, DI Assistant and Online Editor I found myself craving a deeper understanding of colour. In 2017 I was fortunate enough to join UP.GRADE which provided the perfect opportunity to develop colour theory, scientific knowledge and grading techniques from leading engineers, scientists, mathematicians and working colourists at the top of their craft.

I think grading is about finding a perfect mix between fine details and the bigger picture, between technical science and creative expression. What we craft in grading supports and enhances the emotions that our stories inspire.

I am available for colour grading in Berlin or remotely globally through BIGFISH FILMPRODUKTION.